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Are you a devoted or unfaithful bike lover?

Some riders are devoted to one bike or one brand for life, while others are simply the most unfaithful motorcycle lover.

Which are you?

I’ve been to many rallies where riders wear their brand on their jackets, helmets and clothing and are devoted to their brand or model for life. HOGs (pictured at the top of the page), Airheads, Ducatisti, etc.

I see it and appreciate it, but I just don’t get it.

I think I fall into the unfaithful motorcycle lover category.

I go to motorcycle shows and lust after all the new machinery.

I covet my neighbours’ and friends’ fancy new bikes.

As soon as I buy a new bike, I am immediately thinking about my next motorcycle. (At the moment I’m lusting after a Ducati Desert Sled!)

Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled joins family lover
Ducati Desert Sled

While riding, I often dream about being on another bike.

I even change my passion with the weather, the terrain and my mood.

If I could, I would throw my leg over any bike available.

I have three bikes but I want more. I love them, but three is never going to be enough for me.

MBW and his “sons” are lovers of all types of bikes

Our resident psychologist, Sharon Ledger, says there are many reasons that govern why some riders are faithful to one brand and others are a more fickle bike lover.

“Faithful bike fans are a bit like faithful lovers; they’ve often had good early attachments and experiences with that bike or brand,” she says.

“It’s a really complex subject, but often people retain a soft spot for their first love.

“The first bike you ever threw a leg over can give you a high dose of a chemical called oxytocin.

“Whenever you experience that same bike again, it triggers good feelings and memories, and you get that hit of oxytocin again.”

Sharon Ledger - divorce - born lover
Sharon Ledger also loves a variety of bikes

She says an unfaithful bike lover can also be a bit like an unfaithful lover.

“It can stem from a feeling of low self worth, an endless search for the perfect fit or an unfulfilled need,” she says.

As U2 sang: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

But she says it is a complex subject and points out that people can be fickle about their motorcycle passion, yet a faithful lover.

Thankfully for the motorcycle industry, most of us fall into the unfaithful category.

  • If you could have only one bike for the rest of my life, what would it be?

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