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Mercedes’ gigantic G-Class is one of the most out-there production cars you can get right now. Anyone that has been inside of one of these rock-solid road warriors will know just how indestructible they make you feel but German cartuners Mansory seem to think that the G-Class just wasn’t unhinged …

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Summer Nationals 2016

So, we’ve decided that it’s time we all take our hats off to the guys behind the Summer Nationals drag racing weekend, which has been staged every summer – almost without fail – since 2005. The almost bit refers to when it was sabotaged by rain in 2014, which meant …

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Japfest Rock 2016

Staged on Sunday 26th June at Corby’s Rockingham Motor Speedway (that’s where the ‘Rock’ bit of the name comes from), Japfest Rock was the place to be for anyone with an ounce of passion for hot Hondas, mental Mazdas, and stupidly quick Subarus. With almost 1,000 cars on display, there …

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The New Honda NSX

We’ve all heard of ‘the difficult second album’ but after a 26-year gap, Honda has stretched the concept beyond agonising. However, this autumn, the long-awaited follow-up will “set new benchmarks for supercars” when it finally reach UK roads, so what should you know about NSX mk2? It looks stunning You’ve …

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2017 Bentley Mulsanne

You certainly can’t miss this weighty offering from Bentley; sporting the famous ‘Flying B’ hood ornament that leaves you in no doubt who created such an elegant car, this revised model has been treated to a series of smart upgrades. This year sees the platform’s first major update since its …

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The Bradley Automotive GT Kit Car

You may be forgiven for not having heard of Bradley Automotive, the company set up by David Bradley Fuller and Gary Courneya, based out of Plymouth Minnesota in the USA.  The company concept was to design and build kit cars for the tried and trusted (and very abundant at the …

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90 years of Ducati

2016 marks 90 years of Ducati and to celebrate the milestone anniversary, the Bologna-based bike manufacturer has come up with a new limited-run 1299 Panigale S superbike. Unveiled by Australian rider Casey Stoner during World Ducati Week (1-3 July, a three-day week? Okay…), the 1929 Panigale S Anniversario was devised …

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Best Selling Cars – 2016

For anyone working in a new car dealership, the year has probably been even more of a blur with 1.42 million new cars sold in the first six months. To provide some context, that’s the best half-year for new car registrations on record. But which cars have Brits been buying …

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