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The Lotus Esprit

Can you believe that the first Lotus Esprit was unveiled 40 years ago this year! Let’s take a look at the evolution of the much loved Esprit. The first Esprit models were known as the S1 or Series 1 Esprits, these had a steel chassis, fibreglass body and were powered …

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POTUSmobiles – What Exactly Do The Powerful Drive ?

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the upcoming US presidential election, perhaps it got you thinking  – ‘what kind of car does the President of the United States of America drive?’ The blunt reality is they don’t drive anything. Each POTUS is carted around in a virtually indestructible official …

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Ultimate Street Car (USC) 2016

We’re hitting the middle of show season now and it wouldn’t be a show season at all without the yearly return of USC! Held at Santapod Raceway this show attracts the biggest, fastest and badest of modified cars out there with owners showing them off and competing to have the …

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The Audi Q2

Just days ago, we focussed our metaphorical magnifying glass on Audi’s monstrous SQ7 – its largest and most powerful SUV to date. Now, we’re sliding to the other end of the scale to pour over Audi’s daintiest SUV – the Q2 crossover SUV – which is set to ignite Audi’s …

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British Cars and Brexit

Britain’s car manufacturing industry churned out more cars in 2015 than in any year since 2005, delivering some 1,595,697 units, with almost four in five of those heading overseas and more than half ending up in EU countries. We build more than 50 different models are produced in the UK …

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Audi SQ7

So what happens when you chuck in the world’s most powerful production diesel engine and slap on some exclusive styling? You get the Audi SQ7 – a sleek sledgehammer of a car. It’s a tactic used across the Audi brand: gift the standard model a significant power upgrade, some aggressive …

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(WATCH) Car made by AI and 3D printer

Today’s video comes from a Youtube channel called Bloomberg and it looks at Hot rods made by Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing that can reach speeds over 90mph. Hackrod is the company behind this invention and with the help of their AI system and 3D printer they can create completely …

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