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‘Last Motorcycle on Earth’ film going ahead

A disturbingly realistic film project about motorcycles being banned in a future world of autonomous vehicles will go ahead despite failing to raise funds from an Indiegogo campaign. The Vintagent Trailers: The Last Motorcycle On Earth from The Vintagent on Vimeo. Director of The Last Motorcycle on Earth, Eric Ristau, has …

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Waymo to Commence Self-Drive Testing with the Public

Reading about ever-advancing autonomous car technology is one thing, but actually being able to let an autonomous vehicle self-drive you is a whole different ball game. Google is now offering the chance for a few lucky families to have access to a self-drive car – as long as you are …

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5 Amazing Tech Inventions Coming To Our Cars

Imagine a world without technology. The mental image you conjure is of probably you and yours smashing rocks into the ground and living in mudhuts. Yes, technology has made the world a much more interesting place and our cars are all the greater for it, too. Especially in recent years, …

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