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Boost for rider road safety technology

A worldwide program to find, encourage, test and develop innovative technology that will improve motorcycle road safety is being launched. The Motorcycle Technology Evaluation Challenge (MotoTEC) program is being developed by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute with $US400,000 from Australian company Transurban which operates toll roads both here and in …

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Riderless motorbikes may have advantages

It seems ridiculous that there could be any advantages to riders in developing a riderless motorcycle, yet there are several manufacturers and companies developing them. They say the advantages are proving whether motorcycles can exist safely around autonomous vehicles and testing motorcycles for durability without endangering the life of a human …

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In Defence Of Self-Driving Cars Being Dangerous

The media say self-driving cars are dangerous, but don’t believe it for a second. Assuming that you’ve seen the vast amount of news articles condemning autonomous and self-driving cars, we’d like to offer a defense for this seemingly one-sided argument. From Tesla’s driving assist to Uber’s self-driving cars, these technologies …

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Yamaha sees autonomous future

Yamaha is already working on a Motobot road motorcycle that rides itself and is now developing an autonomous self-driving off-road vehicle. While most car manufacturers are developing and testing self-drive vehicles there has been limited work done on autonomous vehicles by motorcycle manufacturers. Honda and BMW have only developed self-balancing …

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Riders ignored by autonomous tests

Australian governments have issued guidelines for trials of autonomous vehicles on our roads but made no mention of motorcycles. The 24-page Austroads and National Transport Commission report does not mention motorcycles once, although bicycles are mentioned. Austroads boss Nick Koukoulas says the guidelines draw on international best practice and have …

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Bosch radar warns riders of traffic

South Australian company Cohda Wireless has partnered with Ducati and Bosch to develop radar technology that warns riders of nearby traffic before they can see it. The technology uses public WLAN standard (ITS G5) and was initially developed for use in driverless cars. Cohda Wireless technology has been trialled on …

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When are self-driving cars coming?

Nothing says ‘science fiction’ quite like a car that can drive itself and the idea of an autonomous car has been the futuristic calling card of Hollywood films for many years, from Total Recall’s Johnny Cabs to Mr Incredible’s on-the-move costume change. Self-driving cars could soon become science fact. The …

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