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The most literal car names ever

Naming a car is a tricky business and you’ve got to feel for the poor soul responsible for devising a striking yet language-transcending name for every new model that enters the market. This is especially the case now motoring is more than a century old and a heck of a …

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9 Of The Best Car Model Names Ever

‘What’s in a name?’ – it’s an age-old question and, as the recently revealed Ferrari 812 Superfast demonstrated, they’re pretty easy to get hung up on. Car names can range from the ridiculous (the Mazda Bongo and Mitsubishi Pistachio are our go-to favourites) to the straight-up ferocious (Lamborghini Diablo), while …

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10 Of The Worst Car Names Ever

Over years there have definitely been some down right awful names give to cars by their creators. Let us look at possibly the worst ones! Ford Probe Hitting the UK market back in 1992, the Ford Probe was originally designed to be the successor for the much loved Capri. Unfortunately …

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