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Five excuses to ride on Christmas Day

If you are not allowed to go for a ride on Christmas Day and have to spend the day with boring distant relatives, try our five excuses to go riding. Play Santa! Offer to dress up as Santa and deliver the presents to your house on your Christmas-decorated bike … …

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True or false Christmas motorcycle quiz

If you can’t get out for a ride this Christmas Day, you can still indulge your love of motorcycles with this true or false trivia quiz. If you don’t know the true-or-false answer to the question, you can guess and your chances are 50-50. We trust you not to use …

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Staying safe this Christmas

Christmas makes us all behave a bit differently. You may be filled with excitement at the prospect of a few days off with extended family, or you may be frantically rushing around, trying to bag that present for that someone… It’s small wonder, then, that the festive season sees more …

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Safe and Merry Christmas from Motorbike Writer

Have a merry and a safe Christmas holiday season from all the staff at Motorbike Writer. We value safety highly and have published many articles about safe riding tips throughout the year. But we don’t just want you to practise safe riding techniques, we have also campaigned to authorities to improve …

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Which car would Santa drive?

Every man, woman and child knows that Santa’s preferred mode of transport is airborne reindeer. With so many homes and countries to visit in a single night, there simply isn’t a single car that would be quite as effective. But what if his reindeer felt like they were getting a bum …

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Kawasaki lime gifts for Christmas

If you’re a Kawasaki fan and looking to make this a lime Christmas, the brand has a couple of products right up your street. Kawasaki Australia has released its water-resistant Silicone Watches in black or lime at $45 each through their dealerships. Only a true Kwaka fan would want the …

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