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Ethec electric cruiser has two motors

There have been few electric cruisers and only one motorcycle with two electric motors, but the Swiss-designed Ethec electric cruiser combines both.

It was designed and built by Swiss university students and includes electric hub motors in the front and rear wheels.

Other electric cruisers include the Italian Tacita while the Curtiss Zeus prototype has two electric motors.

Curtiss Zeus Prototype electric motorcycle
Tacita T-Cruise electric cruiser

But this is the first electric cruiser with two electric motors.

They are linked to a big 15-kWh battery that gives it impressive range of about 400km.Ethec electric cruiser has two motors

More importantly, it can be recharged in about an hour with its built-in fast charger.

Strange stylingEthec electric cruiser has two motors

Styling wise it’s a strange mixture of ultra-modern with its tablet-style instruments, and the flanged casing around the battery which not only keeps it cool, but makes it look a little like conventional engine cooling fins.

And despite its smooth and ultra-modern silver streamlined body, it also features conventional twin shocks and girder forks.

The mash-mash of old and new is a result of committee-type design by 16 design and engineering students from the Zurich University of the Arts and ETH Zurich.

Those cooling fins and the oil-cooled ducting help the battery stay at optimum temperature which is how they have achieved good range.

Hub motorsEthec electric cruiser has two motors

But it’s not exactly a sprinter like the “electrifying” Lightning LS-128 which is the world’s fastest street-legal production motorcycle.

The two hub motors deliver just 22kW of power with short burst of up to 50kW.

That doesn’t really make it a two-wheel-drive motorcycle, either.

Drive mainly comes from the rear wheel motor while the front wheel motor provides regenerative braking power.

Several car companies have been working on hub motor technology.

However, it’s not ideal for motorcycles as it would make the steering heavy and change of direction ponderous.

For nimble handling a motorcycle needs the weight centralised, not pushed out to the wheels.

There is no word on the concept ever going into production, but there are some lessons to be learnt here.

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