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(GALLERY) American Speedfest 2017

The 5th annual American Speedfest took place at Brands Hatch  at the weekend, and as usual, we have a gallery post from the show.  The American Speedfest celebrates all that’s great about American motoring and motorsport and this year’s main attraction was the Nascar Whelan Euro Series. Along with that, …

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A Guide to Removing Marks from Your Car

If your car has been scratched, scuffed or marked there are many ways you can solve the problem yourself without going to a professional, assuming the damage is not too great of course. You may have heard the horror stories of cars being ‘fixed’ by an over-enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfer, that end …

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Vauxhall’s Classic VXR8 GTS-R Muscle Car Bows Out

The new Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R will mark history as being the last ever V8-engined VXR8 – and if you want one you will need to speak to your bank manager pretty fast, as only 15 will be available in the UK. Easily the most powerful Vauxhall ever, the supercharged 6.2-litre …

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The perfect drive-in movie cars

The idea of the drive-in movie is deeply embedded within US culture and has been romanticised so successfully by Hollywood over the decades that we Brits have often looked upon it with envy. The truth is, we’ve never been particularly well set-up to translate the format over the pond in …

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Is this BAC Mono the most appropriate police car ever?

British police officers are equipped with some pretty tame vehicles when it comes to chasing down bad guys. Whenever you see a police car with its lights and siren on, it’s usually a Focus or an Octavia and certainly nothing nearly as exciting as – oh, I don’t know – …

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BMW teases sporty 8 Series, M8 coming mid-2018

BMW’s range-topping 8 Series isn’t expected to be revealed until September and even before we see the rival to Merc’s S-Class Coupe, engineers at the BMW M performance division are ploughing ahead with the development of a super-potent M variant. To prove it, pictures of a fully camouflaged, early prototype …

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