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New Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T makes history

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso made its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in March, boasting a new integration of rear-wheel steering with four-wheel drive. This was the first time the Italian brand had made this distinction and now Ferrari is making waves again by changing the engine iteration in …

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Top 5 Crossovers

You may be thinking “What exactly is a crossover” well it’s a vehicle that has been specifically and carefully engineered to cross an SUV with features from a passenger vehicle, typically those of a station wagon or hatchback nature. Our chosen top 5 today will cover our personal favourites. Number …

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Paris Motor Show 2016

October 1st marks the opening of Mondial De L’Automobile Paris, otherwise known to us Brits as the Paris Motor Show. Aside from the Geneva Motor Show in March, the event, which shifts to Frankfurt every other year, is arguably the most important car show of the year. It gives car …

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CONCEPT: Toyota FCV Plus

The Paris motor show will take place later this month and there’s already news of a number of the big manufacturers unveiling their new designs, such as the; Audi Q5, Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe and BMW X2.   There will be a number of concept cars at the show also, as …

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Clarkson’s 5 of the best (and worst)

Hey, remember that guy who used to present Top Gear? What was his name? Lanky fella, curly hair, generally offensive with a tendency to punch producers when presented with cooked meats? Jeremy Clarkson, that’s it! Yes, well, turns out he writes a column for the Sunday Times and over two …

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10 Weirdest concept cars

During recent years we have been seeing a lot of futuristic concept cars, such as: The Mercedes-Maybach 6, BMW’s Next 100 concept  and the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 that really gets us excited about the future of motoring. However, there are some concepts that we have seen in the past that are just purely …

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Best video game cars

Four-wheeled vehicles are as embedded into video games as guns and the humble floating platform. Anyone who has ever picked up a video game controller has almost certainly played a driving game, or a game with a driving section at least. Here at Motor-Vision, we’re suckers for a decent racing …

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The 90s in Cars

For the earliest car on the list, cast your mind back to 1990 when the Lexus LS 400 was launched. This was a one model specification that offered a terrifically smooth and quiet ride. With a 250-hp 4.0-liter V-8 front engine and an executive feel this was the dream car …

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Merc’s GLC 43 FTW

Let’s deconstruct one of those three-lettered models – the GLC-Class. The ‘G’ stands for Geländewagen (German for ‘off-road vehicle’) and makes more than a passing reference to the beastly G-Wagon. The letter ‘L’ acts as a linkage with the letter ‘C’ which denotes SUV qualities. Translation: the GLC is the …

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