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Maserati’s Alfieri

Fire up the flux capacitor, we’re about to take you back in time. The date is March 4th, 2014, the place is the Geneva Motor Show and Maserati has just unveiled a stunning new concept car called Alfieri. This two-by-two seater grand tourer prototype was relevant for many reasons. It …

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MG pulls production out of UK

After almost a century of on-off production, the vehicle assembly lines at MG’s Longbridge car plant in Birmingham stopped for good, once again, on Friday 23rd September. The reason being that the bosses at the once British, now Chinese-owned brand, deemed the Midlands facility unnecessary, and have decided that all …

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New street-legal Scuderia revealed

It is the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003S, essentially a road legal take on the SCG003C race car that promises to bring track-car levels of downforce and cornering grip to a street car. It wasn’t expected to be revealed until March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. We’re not complaining though; …

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Top 5 Alternative fuelled cars on sale

Unleaded or diesel? For decades, these were the only choices when it came to how your car was fuelled. Today though, it’s a little less straightforward following the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles, while hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be just as commonplace by 2030. These are what UK …

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World Car of the Year nominees revealed

It was revealed at the recent Paris Motor Show that 22 cars would be in with a chance of driving away with the prestigious ‘World Car of the Year’, a title currently held by the Mazda MX-5 and rightly so. Our fondness for the cheeky roadster is well-documented and the …

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Top 5 electric cars on sale right now

Electric cars have gone from a peculiar novelty to an everyday part of Britain’s motoring landscape in a few short years. The arrival of the Nissan Leaf in 2011 was a landmark moment for electric vehicles when it became the world’s first mass-produced battery-powered car. Before that, electric cars were …

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A Hard Top Mazda MX-5

The third-gen MX-5 roadster was only available with an electronically-operated hard-top, which sucked for many reasons. It added unnecessary weight, which for a low-powered sports car isn’t ideal, and getting the roof down took more time – a full 15 seconds by our timer. There still seems to be demand …

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