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First Look: 2016 Yamaha FJR1300

first look 2016 yamaha fjr1300 a es

Yamaha has upgraded the big FJR1300 sport-tourer for 2016 with an all-new six-speed transmission, LED headlight with progressive cornering light feature on the ES (Electronic Suspension) model, and numerous other improvements.

Yamaha’s big FJR1300 sport-tourer gets numerous upgrades for 2016, the biggest of which is a new six-speed transmission that FJR enthusiasts have had on their wish list for quite some time. Other upgrades for both the standard A model and ES (Electronic Suspension) model include a slipper/assist clutch—internal clutch basket ramps use the engine torque to assist with clutch pressure, allowing lighter springs for less lever effort, in addition to a slipper function that prevents rear tire chatter on downshifts—plus an all-new LED headlight for better nighttime riding vision. The ES model gets all that plus a tilt-sensitive cornering LED light setup that progressively illuminates the road ahead in corners as lean angle increases for increased nighttime safety.

first look 2016 yamaha fjr1300 a es cornering headlight

The 2016 Yamaha FJR1300 ES features a progressive LED cornering light setup that uses an IMU to sense the bike’s lean angle and sequentially activate these lights to better light up the road ahead in turns for increased nighttime riding safety.

The 1298cc DOHC inline-four-cylinder engine returns basically unchanged, but it’s not like the powerplant was in dire need of an extensive revamp, with plenty of torque and responsive midrange power. The previous model’s YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Throttle) ride-by-wire throttle with choice of two throttle response modes, cruise control, and traction control also are retained. The ES model continues its feature of electronically adjustable suspension that offers changing various suspension settings at the push of a button, including four different spring preload, three different major damping settings (with seven different fine-tune settings with each), allowing the rider to easily set up the bike for a wide range of riding scenarios. The adjustable ergonomics also return, with the seat adjustable through a two-level/0.8-inch range without tools, and the handlebars adjustable through three positions (the electrically adjustable windscreen has a 5.1-inch range of movement as well.

Both the 2016 Yamaha FJR1300 A and ES models will be available in Cobalt Blue, and are scheduled to arrive in dealerships in March. MSRPs for both models will be announced in February.

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