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Go Faster Socks!

Go Faster Socks!

Just when you thought you had everything, here’s a new ‘must have’ for any Motorsport enthusiast!

New Heel + Toe Socks – high performance Motor SPORT… Socks! For years car enthusiasts have been able to buy hats, T-shirts, shoes and jackets geared to their passion. Heel+Toe Socks, a new Kickstarter venture, now completes the package with hi-quality, performance socks inspired by the greatest racing cars of all time!

As they explain…

In late 2015, Heel+Toe Socks co-founder Josh Maule approached friend and co-founder Brian Richardson with an idea — be the first to combine the high performance technology of cycling socks with designs inspired by the unforgettable and timeless liveries of legendary race cars.

Continue reading Go Faster Socks! at MOTOR-VISION.

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