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Hipster scrambler boots cost $7k

Australian boot maker R.M.Williams has joined forces with Parisian bike builder Blitz Motorcycles to make hipster biker scrambler boots costing more than $7000.

It’s hipster biker fashion gone mad!

Here’s the hipster video to match.


The men’s and women’s scrambler boots were launched at the exclusive Harrods department store in trendy Knightsbridge, London, together with a scrambler version of a Kawasaki W650 by Blitz Motorcycles.

Their media spin says the bike is a homage to mid-1900s Aussie drovers who shod their British parallel twin bikes with knobby tyres to herd sheep!

R.M.Williams scrambler boots
The hipster crew from Blitz Motorcycles

Scrambler boots

Meanwhile, R.M.Williams has recreated two versions of their original Motorcycle Boot introduced in 1993.

The Heritage Biker Boots cost $7095 and come in hand-selected Grade 1 crocodile skins or black New Zealand cowhide for $845.

R.M.Williams scrambler boots
R.M.Williams scrambler boots

Their spin release says the boots are “inspired by the Engineer’s boots worn by post-war stockman and drovers when the use of scrambler motorcycles became commonplace on stations throughout Australia”.

However, those drover boots wouldn’t have cost almost five times the average weekly wage!

These boots have heavy-duty oil and acid resistant rubber treaded soles for grip and adjustment straps across the instep and tops.R.M.Williams scrambler boots

The company claims there are 85 hand-held processes involved in the making of each boot which are made to order, not held in stock.

Since the scrambler boots are made to order, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

Blitz scrambler

The bike also has a brown crocodile saddle, handlebar grips and tank straps handcrafted at the R.M.Williams workshop in Adelaide.

The front plate has RMW’s initials and the race classification plate is numbered 32, the date R.M.Williams was founded.R.M.Williams scrambler boots

R.M.Williams scrambler boots
R.M.Williams scrambler boots

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  • What do you think of these scrambler boots? Is it hipster fashion gone mad? Leave your comments below.

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