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(VIDEO) evo Car of the Year 2016

The guys from evo have gathered to put the 12 best cars they have driven this year against each other to name the Car of the Year for 2016.  The test took 5 days to complete, with 7 judges needed for the process. As a viewer, I found this video …

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Best cars of 2016

With Brexit, the US election and the passing of many a childhood hero, 2016 has been an especially heavy-going year. The last 12 months will be remembered for the amazing cars that have hit our roads too. Here, we pick our best cars of 2016: Audi Q2 Everyone always expected …

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Best video game cars

Four-wheeled vehicles are as embedded into video games as guns and the humble floating platform. Anyone who has ever picked up a video game controller has almost certainly played a driving game, or a game with a driving section at least. Here at Motor-Vision, we’re suckers for a decent racing …

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The New Honda NSX

We’ve all heard of ‘the difficult second album’ but after a 26-year gap, Honda has stretched the concept beyond agonising. However, this autumn, the long-awaited follow-up will “set new benchmarks for supercars” when it finally reach UK roads, so what should you know about NSX mk2? It looks stunning You’ve …

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A NASCAR team owner has parted with $1.2 million (£842,500) to become the proud owner of the first production model of the new Acura NSX. Rick Hendrick purchased the car, with the desirable VIN #001, at a US charity auction hosted by Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. The proceeds from the record-breaking sale will …

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