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Italdesign – Airbus PopUp

The retirement of petrol engines in cars has resulted in new electric models being seen as the future of transport, as well as new builds of certain cars being constructed under the concept of fully electrical engines. This can range from your average family car to your super quick and …

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Rolls Royce’s most expensive car ever

Rolls Royce are famed for their luxury vehicles and to own any one of their new releases would be the ultimate dream of many a car enthusiast. However, simply snapping up an ‘off-the-peg’ design wasn’t enough for one wealthy petrolhead – and the result is what’s believed to be the …

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Winter Protection For Your Classic Car

The saying ‘They don’t build them like they used to’ is true in many walks of life and when it comes to cars it’s perhaps for the best. Older cars are more susceptible to rust and failures. If you don’t stay on top of potential deterioration, the results can be …

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German vs. Japanese Cars

With the ‘German vs. Japanese Car Show’ taking place at the end of the month, we thought it would only be right to take a look at the battle ourselves and see where we stand. German cars are widely known for their engineering prowess and good build quality but with …

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Five cars destined to be dropped

It’s a fact of life that every car model has a shelf life. Whether that may have been competitive and relevant some years ago is likely to have shed some of its edge down the years. That is usually down to new technology, ever-competitive running costs, or the unstoppable evolution …

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There’s an intrinsic simplicity to JapShow that we just admire. With just two words, it lays out pretty much all you need to know about the event: if it’s Japanese and has wheels, then it is more than welcome at JapShow. Be it a rusty old Micra, an immaculate MR2, …

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World’s most popular car colour

Who would have thought that the most popular car colour is actually a total absence of colour? That’s right, white is the most popular option and we have a few theories about this. Some may claim this is due to car manufacturers offering this colour for free, so people are …

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