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Unbelievably Bad Celebrity Cars

When you think of the term “celebrity” you often associate the word with wealth, class, style and elegance. Our minds race to images of private jets, beautiful houses and spectacular cars. Well, after seeing some of the dreadful, grotesque barbarities that celebs have turned their cars into, your perception of …

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Limited Editions to Mark Mercedes G-Class Swansong

It’s hard not to smile and instantly like the Mercedes G63 if you grew up on a diet of Daktari and Corgi toys, as it adheres to that traditional Landover box-shape that we know so well. The Mercedes 4-wheel drive G-Class (G-Wagen) was first introduced as a military vehicle before …

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DC’s Justice League recruit Mercedes-Benz

What do superheroes drive? Well, according to the upcoming Justice League movie, it’s Mercedes-Benz. Presumably, Bruce Wayne would be reluctant to give up the keys to the Batmobile, but regardless, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are expected to get their fair share of screen time during the film, which is rumoured to have …

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Check out these mega top-end Mercedes-Benz G wagons

Few SUVs look as intimidating and no-nonsense as the G-Class. In an age where the image and aura of SUVs has been bent, diluted and cutesy-fied (Evoque, Juke, we’re looking at you), the G wagon remains a beacon of hostility and utilitarianism. With the Defender now out of commission (for …

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