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Limited Editions to Mark Mercedes G-Class Swansong

It’s hard not to smile and instantly like the Mercedes G63 if you grew up on a diet of Daktari and Corgi toys, as it adheres to that traditional Landover box-shape that we know so well. The Mercedes 4-wheel drive G-Class (G-Wagen) was first introduced as a military vehicle before …

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DC’s Justice League recruit Mercedes-Benz

What do superheroes drive? Well, according to the upcoming Justice League movie, it’s Mercedes-Benz. Presumably, Bruce Wayne would be reluctant to give up the keys to the Batmobile, but regardless, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are expected to get their fair share of screen time during the film, which is rumoured to have …

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Check out these mega top-end Mercedes-Benz G wagons

Few SUVs look as intimidating and no-nonsense as the G-Class. In an age where the image and aura of SUVs has been bent, diluted and cutesy-fied (Evoque, Juke, we’re looking at you), the G wagon remains a beacon of hostility and utilitarianism. With the Defender now out of commission (for …

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