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Motorcycle police in embarrassing blooper video

This blooper video of a South African motorcycle officer trying to get on to their bike is one of the most frustrating things you will ever watch.


The combination of a heavy BMW K 1600, a slope and a short – possibly female(?) – rider make to difficult to get on the bike, balance on one leg and flip up the side stand to start the bike.

The officer gets some help from a bystander, but doesn’t trust him to hold the bike and then, with some hesitation, drops it.

The BMW K 1600 is not a light bike at more than 32okg, depending on the model. And this police bike, equipped with radar and communication gear, could weigh a lot more!

It makes us wonder about the training program for South African motorcycle police.

However, we can understand the officer’s plight having been caught in a similar blooper with the same BMW model.

Embarrassing blooper

BMW K 1600 GTL would suit the GoPro controller blooper
BMW K 1600 GTL

My first motorcycle launch after a major crash in which I broke most of the bones in my torso, was the K 1600 GT and GTL.

I had parked the massive GTL in the main street of Murwillumbah which has a big camber, so the bike was leaning a fair way over.

Not only could I not muster the strength to push the bike off its sidestand, but there was also the concern that I would overbalance and drop the bike on its other side.

In fact, I had to seek the help of a female pedestrian to help me lift the bike off its stand.

I didn’t drop the bike like this officer, but I can understand how it happened.

It’s a great lesson in buying a bike that is not too big to handle.

Read our tips for handling a heavy motorcycle.

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