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CCM Spitfire may land in Australia

British small-scale motorcycle manufacturer CCM may export its Spitfire range of single-cylinder machines to Australia along with other countries. CCM started as Clews Competition Machines 47 years ago and has had multiple international successes in motocross, flat-track, trials, supermoto, and road racing competition. In recent years they have produced limited-edition …

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Motorcycle riders warned of starting bushfires

Riders should be aware of the dangers of riding in bushfire areas and of accidentally starting bushfires in the current tinder-dry drought conditions across Australia and western USA. By all means riders should head out into the country to spend their much-needed dollar in drought-stricken areas, but they should also …

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EyeCo flashes alerts in helmet or goggles

The makers of the basic EyeCo head-up display unit that flashes coloured alert lights in a rider’s peripheral vision claim it is a “Fitbit for your eyesight”. EyeCo refer to it as a “personal co-pilot” that helps racers train and supplies basic navigation aids. It looks more like a distraction …

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Could Ducati build 300cc bikes in India?

Rumours have again surfaced that Italian manufacturer Ducati plans to build small-capacity motorcycles in India with a local manufacturer. In February 2017, Ducati was quick to quash similar Indian news reports that the Italian motorcycle manufacturer was considering building small-capacity bikes in the sub-continent. But the rumours have persisted and have …

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NSW 1 motorcycle plate for sale

If you’ve got a lazy $1m to spend on unnecessary bling for your motorcycle, then you might consider buying the NSW  “1” plate. The first motorcycle number plate issued in NSW has been listed for sale publicly for the first time in more than 100 years. believes NSW 1 …

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Motorcycle Trackday Survival Essentials

Gear You get six or seven sessions over the course of an eight-hour trackday. Make every minute count. Trackdays require a certain level of dedication if you hope to get the most out of the handful of sessions you get on any given event.

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No-compromise electronic desmo valve engine

Imagine taking the Ducati desmodromic valve system and adding electronic control that provides brief bursts of two-stroke power! The result could be a motorcycle engine that delivers great low-down torque as well as high-end power, without compromise. British company Camcon Automotive has produced just such an engine. They claim their electronic …

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Riders invited to honour John JC Curran

Riders have been invited to attend the funeral cortege and celebration of the life and works of well-respected and loved rider John Anthony JC Curran. JC passed away on Saturday, 4 August, 2018, after a long battle with prostate cancer, aged 65. Riders who remember JC are asked to say …

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