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Artist uses bike parts for guitar sculptures

Motorcycles have long been the inspiration for musicians and artists and now artist and motorcycle racing fan Paul Tinson has turned his passion into his art by using motorcycle parts to make guitar sculptures. The Brisbane artist is giving old motorcycle parts new life with his musical collection on display at …

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Call to challenge motorcycle exhaust noise fines

A Brisbane barrister who has written a paper on the legality of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts has urged all riders to challenge exhaust noise emissions fines, saying police will get the message and stop issuing them. Levente Jurth wrote his paper in January 2016 and is now representing a group of …

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Patriots tattoo & rockabilly show benefits charity

Tattoos and rockabilly music will combine to provide plenty of family fun and benefits for local charities at the Patriots Australia Moreton Bay Chapter sixth annual Tattoo Show and Rockabilly Competition on Saturday, June 16, 2018. The event in the Redcliffe Showgrounds, Oxley Avenue, opens at 10am and includes more …

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Speed camera fines ‘not affected’ by virus

The “WannaCry” ransomware virus that affected 110 Victorian speed cameras in June 2017 and disrupted organisations including the British National Health Service, Russian Interior Ministry and Deutsche Bahn railways did not corrupt speed and red-light fines, a report has found. Police withdrew 600 fines and suspended 55,000 infringements pending the investigation by …

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Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 is a controversial bike

The Husqvarna single-cylinder Vitpilen 401 street bike is one of the most controversial and divisive motorcycles I’ve ridden in ages. After my road test I’m still trying to work out what it is all about and to which riders it will appeal. Controversial features are the price, styling, the single-cylinder …

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Time to promote fuel economy benefits

Fuel prices have soared across the country, yet none of the motorcycle companies is advertising fuel economy or other advantages to riding, compared with cars or public transport. Surely with prices for fuel at near-record levels, motorcycles and scooters must be an attractive proposition for a lot of motorists. A …

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Riderless motorbikes may have advantages

It seems ridiculous that there could be any advantages to riders in developing a riderless motorcycle, yet there are several manufacturers and companies developing them. They say the advantages are proving whether motorcycles can exist safely around autonomous vehicles and testing motorcycles for durability without endangering the life of a human …

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Motorbike Writer celebrates five years

Today (May 26, 2018) marks the fifth anniversary of your free and independent motorcycle news service, Motorbike Writer. To those who have been with us from the start, thanks for your loyalty and patronage. Motorbike Writer now has about 10,000 visitors a day to the website, more than 25,000 social …

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