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Are there too many changes in speed zones?

Despite a 2014 Austroads report finding there are too many speed zones and the frequency of zone changes is too high, chances of authorities making any changes as a result of the report are minimal, an Austroads official admits. The 116-page “Model National Guidelines for Setting Speed Limits at High-Rick …

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Bosch jet thrusters prevent motorcycle slides

Rocket-style thrusters that blast a jet of air out the side of your motorcycle could be used to prevent low-side slides, says German tech company Bosch. The company is now testing the gas-powered anti-slide system. No it’s not April 1. Bosch sees a future for safe motorcycles with intervention aids …

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Yamaha plans leaning three-wheel VMax

Imagine a Yamaha VMax with 147.2kW of power and 166.8Nm of torque packed into a leaning three-wheeler motorcycle with two front wheels. That’s Yamaha’s vision of the future as they have applied for a patent for the design. The filing comes as Yamaha is launching its Niken leaning three-wheeler based …

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Kawasaki’s Z900RS Cafe Comes To America

Bikes Kawasaki formally announces the addition of a limited-edition café racer-styled Z900RS to its 2018 US model lineup Kawasaki adds another retro-themed Z bike to its 2018 model lineup. We dive into some of the nuances and specifications of Z900 Cafe in this First Look article.

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Lions Rd reopened, but no more Lions TT?

The famous Lions Rd on the Queensland-NSW border has reopened after 18 months of bridgeworks, but it will never be suitable for a Lions TT, say Kyogle Council representatives. The official launch of the bridgework was held this week and the road is again suitable for all types of motorcycles. …

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Antigravity Re-Start Battery has built-in jump start

Now you can never be stranded with a flat battery thanks to the lightweight Antigravity Re-Start Battery which includes a built-in jump-start feature. Small jump-start battery packs have been available for some time and are a great accessory for riders as they also charge your phone and other electronic equipment. …

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Columnist crosses line on call for motorbike ban

A tabloid newspaper columnist who called for riders to be banned from “motorcycle roads” because they pose a risk to other motorists has attracted national and international attention and ire. Newcastle Herald columnist Jeff Corbett (pictured above) has certainly done his job of attracting readers. Click here to read his …

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Repeat exhaust offenders could lose bike

What happens to repeat offenders who get a defect notice for an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust, bolt on the original to pass inspection then replace it with the aftermarket exhaust? That’s the question that was posed to us after we published an information article in response to persistent social media rumours …

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