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Tougher laws on mandatory recalls

Proposed laws to toughen the government’s ability to enforce vehicle safety recalls will also include mandatory recalls for non-compliance. If the federal Road Vehicle Standards Bills are passed, the Australian Competitions and Consumer Commission will be able to clamp down on cheap Asian imports that flout our compliance rules. While …

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Light roads could fix slippery molten tar

Los Angeles is resurfacing roads with a light material to reduce heat, but it could also one day solve the problem of Australia’s melting tar which is slippery and dangerous for motorcyclists. Popular Science reports that LA is coating its roads in CoolSeal, a light-grey paint that keeps streets and …

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Alberto Puig Appointed Repsol Honda Team Manager

After the departure of both Shuhei Nakamoto and Livio Suppo from HRC and the Repsol Honda team, Honda have announced that they will be making Alberto Puig Team Manager of the Repsol Honda team.  The appointment of Puig did not come as a surprise. Puig has a long and storied …

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Toyota Electric e-Palette Self-Driving Modular Vehicle

Only last year we brought you the retro-future of the Uniti One electric city car from Sweden. Now Toyota have embraced the oddness with the cumbersome looking e-Palette concept, looking more like your printer’s ink cartridge than a vehicle. Toyota’s concept is part self-drive bus service and part Amazon-style drone …

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