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Should cyclists wear identification?

The Tasmanian Motorcycle Council (TMC) has called for free identification numbers, not registration, for cyclists over 18 so their traffic offences can be reported and riders fined. It’s an old complaint about cyclists disobeying road rules and not being fined that surfaces every now and then. Council president Paul Bullock …

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Water to cool melting tar in heatwave

Water will be sprayed over the Oxley Highway in the next few days as the road melts even more in the current heatwave conditions. The road began melting in December in 31C heat and is now melting even more as temperature soar higher. Save the Oxley campaigner Ken Healey says …

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(GALLERY) Autosport International 2019

Last weekend brought us the renowned Autosport International show at the NEC Birmingham arena. The line-up, which was anticipated, was off the charts. This year’s Autosport International event was sporting a new look compared to previous events. With designated sectors for National Motorsport, Karting, Careers & Education, Trade & Technical …

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Gordon Ritchie WorldSBK Blog: The Missing Links

Whatever number of permanent WorldSBK entries Dorna had in mind for the 2019 season, you can bet it was not 18. Yet, to listen to some comments regarding this final number you might imagine that some global tragedy had occurred, rather than WorldSBK simply facing up to reality. A reality …

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