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Wire trap offender faces jail time

The offender who strung wire at neck height across a Queensland forestry trail to “trap” riders faces a three-year jail sentence if caught. Gympie trail rider Ben Bird, 25, says he could have been decapitated if he was riding any faster when he hit the wire in Amamoor State Forest …

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Silent auction for dumped motorbikes

“Someone’s trash could be your treasure,” Wagga Wagga says on its Facebook page about a silent auction for a bunch of rusted motorcycle parts. And they very well could be, even though they look like rusted waste. To some collectors they could be just what they need to finish a …

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Classic MINIs to party at Silverstone

Mini to Celebrate 60 Years at Silverstone, British Museum and International Mini Meet Forget feeling guilty about nostalgia; looking back is not a bad thing – there’s been a spate of articles recently reassuring us that it’s good for the soul to look back. In short, nostalgia is a positive …

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Call for roadside lane filtering signs

Roadside signs, advertising billboards or electronic mobile signs on busy commuter routes advising motorists that lane filtering is legal would be an effective education campaign for motorists, say rider representatives. Many riders tell us there is a lack of public education that lane filtering is now legal, sparking road rage …

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