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Riding around the world without money

When Daniel Rintz finished uni he was worried about getting tangled up in a boring job, so rather than wait to save money, he decided to ride around the world – without money! Daniel simply did odd jobs to keep him in food, fuel and spare parts for his 1988 …

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Kawasaki Ninja 400 and Z900RS coming?

Kawasaki may be introducing a Ninja 400, a “Stone” retro version of its Z900 and new colours and features on its Z650 and Ninja 650 models. Ninja 400 The Ninja 400 was revealed when the Japanese company was filming a TV commercial in Milwaukee this week, right in Harley-Davidson’s backyard. …

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Subscriber Only Feature: Which Direction For WorldSBK?

After Laguna Seca the future of WorldSBK was once again questioned. Asking the right question may be more important than finding the right answer immediately “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, democracy simply doesn’t work,” so said this intrepid reporter when faced with reports that Bart’s Comet …

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Ride Sunday charity event returns in 2018

Organisers of the inaugural Ride Sunday charity motorcycle event have declared it a success, defended their cut of the funds raised and vowed to return in 2018. The July 2, 2017, event attracted 1883 riders in 62 countries and raised more than $US65,000 for 55 charities. It was initiated by …

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Police probe stunt-riding Facebook videos

Police are investigating two Gold Coast motorcycle businesses over amateur stunt videos posted on their Facebook sites, including one in which a rider wheelies through a school zone. Gold Coast Road Policing commander Snr Sgt Bradyn Murphy said the videos include riders doing burnouts, high-speed wheelies and other dangerous stunts …

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The 5 Most Common Driving Offences

Most of us drive everyday but may not be aware of the growing number of rules that are there to keep us all safe on the road. Whilst many actions are clearly against the law, some are perhaps not so obvious or as strongly enforced. Check out the 5 most …

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