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TomTom launches scooter GPS 

A specific scooter GPS is one of seven new products launched by TomTom in an attempt to halt the smartphone from taking over the satnav industry. The other products are fitness trackers, watches, car trackers and a roving satnav that has built-in wifi so you don’t have to plug it …

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MotoGP: Vinales Wins British Grand Prix

News Maverick Vinales leads flag-to-flag to win his first MotoGP race and Suzuki’s first in seven years Race report from the 2016 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where Maverick Vinales won his first MotoGP victory and the first for Suzuki since 2007.

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Italian gems on show for brain injury

Some of the finest examples of Italy’s most iconic, desirable and collectable machines will be on show for a brain injury charity at the annual All Italian Motorcycle Show in Perth on October 16. The Moto Italiane Ovest has been running since 2004 and over the years organisers the Ducati Owners Club of …

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Five most expensive motorcycles

Yamaha Roadstar BMS Chopper Usually when someone is shopping around for a new motorcycle, even an expensive one, they want a bargain deal! However, for the 0.1% elite rich, money is no object as these expensive motorcycles attest (all prices in US dollars): 5 Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship The Harley …

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