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Taking the Long Way: JD Beach Profile

News After a long dry spell following his AMA Pro 600cc Supersport title in 2010, JD Beach scratched and clawed back to the 2015 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship JD Beach scratches and claws his way back up from a long dry spell to win the 2015 MotoAmerica Supersport title.

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MotoGP: Rossi is older…and faster

News Upon close examination, Valentino Rossi continues to impress: the nine-time world champion is faster than he was a year ago, even though the current championship standings don’t reflect it The ageless Valentino Rossi continues to improve: the nine-time world champion is faster than he was a year ago, even …

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Ducati XDiavel raises cruiser bar

The Ducati XDiavel raises the bar on how serious a relaxed-position cruiser can be in terms of performance, writes motorcycle journalist James Pralija. I was one of the sceptics when the original Diavel was first unveiled – it didn’t seem quite right and appeared as enticing as a Trump campaign …

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SR Archive: Attack Racing Yamaha YZF1000

Bikes Street bike or race bike? Attack Racing took a street legal Yamaha YZF and transformed it into a 178-rear-wheel-horsepower YZF1000 street bike. So naturally we took it, put tape over the lights,…

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The California Lane-Splitting Bill, AB 51, Has Passed the Senate

News Lane-splitting on motorcycles is one step closer to being officialy legal in the state of California The AB 51 lane-splitting bill is nearly ready to pass in California. But a grey area in its writing raises questions to if it’s what motorcyclists really want.

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Nissan BladeGlider debuts in Rio

Nissan is readying itself to debut its supercool new prototype and with a name that boasts superhero credentials, we’re very excited about checking out the new high-performance BladeGlider. An advanced concept car with a full-electric battery powertrain, which Nissan claims will deliver stunning performance with a 0-62 mph sprint of …

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