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VicPol gets number plate recognition

Victoria Police have enlisted their first patrol car with automatic number plate recognition technology, lagging behind other states. The technology, developed by Motorola Solutions Australia, is helpful for riders as it will reduce the need for police to pull riders over for licence checks or for dangerous high-speed pursuits. It …

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Riders invited to Ulysses Road Safety Forum

Riders will be able to get expert safe-riding tips, legal advice and guidance on safety gear from three of the top experts in these fields at the Ulysses Club The Road Safety Forum. Ulysses road safety chairman Dave Wright says the expert presenters are Tim Conboy of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, …

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Wire trap offender faces jail time

The offender who strung wire at neck height across a Queensland forestry trail to “trap” riders faces a three-year jail sentence if caught. Gympie trail rider Ben Bird, 25, says he could have been decapitated if he was riding any faster when he hit the wire in Amamoor State Forest …

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Call for roadside lane filtering signs

Roadside signs, advertising billboards or electronic mobile signs on busy commuter routes advising motorists that lane filtering is legal would be an effective education campaign for motorists, say rider representatives. Many riders tell us there is a lack of public education that lane filtering is now legal, sparking road rage …

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Danger in lane filtering around trucks

Lane filtering around trucks can be dangerous simply because riders can be invisible to the truck driver, even if you are right in front! The Goldwing World Facebook page published the above photograph claiming all the bikes in the photo are in the truck’s blind spots. It has been shared …

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Police answer motorcyclists’ questions

Queensland police and Transport Main Roads department officials will be on hand next month to answer riders’ questions on legislation, road rules, Australian Vehicle Standards and other topics. The latest “Community Engagement Day” will be held on Saturday 16 February 2019 at Beechmont, between 8am-12pm. Acting Sgt Adam Samuels says …

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