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Video: Rider avoids debris from truck

Unsecured debris falling off trucks and utes is a fairly common occurrence and very dangerous for riders as seen in this video where a Canadian motorcyclist manages to avoid two wooden pallets that fall off a truck. The BMW F 800 GS rider posted his helmet-cam video on YouTube under the …

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Germany replaces dangerous steel road signs

Germany is replacing dangerous steel road signs and posts with plastic versions to improve safety for motorcyclists who hit them. The new road signs are being installed to point out that there is a sharp bend coming up. German safety research facility DEKRA has tested the new road signs and found …

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Boost for rider road safety technology

A worldwide program to find, encourage, test and develop innovative technology that will improve motorcycle road safety is being launched. The Motorcycle Technology Evaluation Challenge (MotoTEC) program is being developed by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute with $US400,000 from Australian company Transurban which operates toll roads both here and in …

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Handy signal helps motorcyclists pass

There is a variety of gestures riders can use to signal to people in their pack or other riders sharing the same route that make riding safer and more effective. Apart from hand gestures, you can use your leg, the motorcycle horn or your headlights. Before reading further on, click …

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Survey on lane filtering and graduated licensing

Western Australia could soon become the final state to introduce lane filtering as well as move to a graduated motorcycle licensing system. But rather than introducing both schemes to come into line with other states, the WA Government has issued a Motorcycle Safety consultation paper and incited “all road users” to complete …

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