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Best and worst cars for achieving official mpg

Do you ever feel frustrated that your car never returns its advertised fuel consumption figure? You’re not the only one; this deflating mpg shortfall has been going on for yonks and motorists are quite rightly sick of it. It reached a point a few years ago that motoring website Honest …

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Best cars you can buy for under 10k

Cars aren’t cheap – in fact, they’re said to be the second biggest purchase after your home. The used car market can throw up some absolute gems, but it often comes down to good fortune if an urgent issue doesn’t become apparent within the first six months. Understandably, some people …

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City Cars – The Ultimate Guide

City cars have become one of the most popular forms of transport for the modern driver, and particularly for those who are looking for something to get them from A to B throughout the week. Although they’re not great for really long drives all the time, they can still be …

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You may remember that last week we brought you our conclusive list of the best fake releases provided by April Fool’s Day, and what larks they were. This week, we’re still stuck on some of them and we got to discussing the various few that could actually have been real cars. …

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