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The ten biggest losers

Cars are far from cheap. As it stands, it is impossible to acquire a new car fresh out of a showroom without spending at least £5,995. That’ll only get you a Dacia Sandero and knowing that, many would prefer to keep their cash. Elsewhere, it’s possible to spend £30k on …

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The tiniest cars you can buy in the UK

Cars are getting bigger. It’s a fact that with each new model update, our cars tend to be longer, wider and taller than before. In some cases, the marginal size increases – 2mm here, 5mm there – may seem insignificant, but these tiny increments can make all the difference in …

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The most literal car names ever

Naming a car is a tricky business and you’ve got to feel for the poor soul responsible for devising a striking yet language-transcending name for every new model that enters the market. This is especially the case now motoring is more than a century old and a heck of a …

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Top Ten Cheapest Cars to Insure

There is nothing more frustrating than going to buy the car of your dreams, only to find that the insurance costs are sky-high. Sound familiar? Well, we have found some cars that might be perfect for you because they all sit in the lower insurance groups and won’t cost the …

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