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Can-Am Spyder event sets ‘record’

[youtube] An Australian “record” of 71 Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler roadsters at a one-day event has been set at a little pub at Dugandan on the outskirts of Boonah in south-east Queensland. The number of riders and pillions who turned up for the Can-Am Spyder Olympics on August 27 surprised organisers Mike …

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Audi’s top-down R8

It’s hard to imagine a world without the Audi R8. Ask the next person you see to describe a supercar and they’ll likely conjure something resembling Audi’s halo car. Also, if it’s good enough for fictional bzillionaire Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark, then Audi has certainly been doing something right. You …

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Cam Am F3 Spyder – the Three Wheeler of the Future

The first trike I ever saw was chugging slowly through traffic on the coastal road down at Southend, as it drew level I recognised the Flat-4 VW engine by sight and by sound, idling steadily. A common use of the Beetle engine that one, but the Can-Am Spyder F3 takes …

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