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The Illusion of Safety

It’s funny how you can become fixated on the potential for things to go wrong at a particular time. You look at the situation and place some type of possible danger-score on it and tread lightly or carefully. Maybe that keeps mishap at bay. Or maybe whatever is going to happen is beyond your control anyway. Are there unseen forces at the helm of the ship? Who knows?

Now, I’m not afraid of this type of riding, in fact I like it. Dirt roads grant you a view of something you just can’t see from its paved brother. But to me, the Tiger doesn’t feel as sure-footed as other street bikes I’ve ridden on gravel roads. It could be in my head because it carries its weight up high and I’m always aware of its heft – but the Tiger never feels… “good,” on this type of road. It’s not the big girl’s wheelhouse.

While riding here, I kept thinking that if I had a whoopsie on a road like this it might be a little while until help came along. Thankfully nothing out of the ordinary happened and I was fine. I just took in the farmland and the sunshine and went about my day.

But you know? It’s when you’re on autopilot in seemingly innocuous situations that things go pear-shaped. Two days later? I tipped over in a parking lot.

The illusion of safety.


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