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Carmakers with the highest percentage of risk warnings

From analysing the vehicle check data, My Car Check pulled out some impressive stats, which showed, even though the car had an expensive price tag, there was no guarantee the vehicle will have a clean history. Compared to Ford, BMW had a 21% more chance of a risk warning, these models …

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Vauxhall’s Classic VXR8 GTS-R Muscle Car Bows Out

The new Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R will mark history as being the last ever V8-engined VXR8 – and if you want one you will need to speak to your bank manager pretty fast, as only 15 will be available in the UK. Easily the most powerful Vauxhall ever, the supercharged 6.2-litre …

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Best Selling Cars – 2016

For anyone working in a new car dealership, the year has probably been even more of a blur with 1.42 million new cars sold in the first six months. To provide some context, that’s the best half-year for new car registrations on record. But which cars have Brits been buying …

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Performance Vauxhall 2016

Vauxhalls, we Brits love ‘em. More than 269,000 new griffin-badged cars were snapped up in the UK last year alone, making Vauxhall the UK’s second best-selling carmaker behind Ford. Performance variants naturally attract a passionate following so when you combine a brand as popular as Vauxhall and ramp up the …

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10 Of The Worst Car Names Ever

Over years there have definitely been some down right awful names give to cars by their creators. Let us look at possibly the worst ones! Ford Probe Hitting the UK market back in 1992, the Ford Probe was originally designed to be the successor for the much loved Capri. Unfortunately …

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As you surely will have known and noticed, we’ve all survived another year of April 1st and Fool’s Day pranks! We hope you all managed to get through the day unscathed too and didn’t have to do your commute home covered in gunge as a result of your hilarious co-workers.  …

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