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60 Years of Volvo Estate Heritage – the New V90

In a world that is forever trying to get us all into eco-friendly compact cars, Volvo can often be found ploughing it’s own steady path, and we can be ever so slightly relieved that, 20 years on from its first incarnation, Volvo are pulling the red curtain back on a …

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Introducing Lynk & Co – the newest car brand on the block

It’s not every day that a new car brand rolls on the scene, so please be withstanding for Lynk & Co with its premium hybrid SUV – the 01 – expected to land in the UK late 2018. Yeah, ‘Lynk & Co 01’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but …

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Volvo Electric Hatchback Concept

Volvo has revealed an electric small hatchback concept – currently given the rather catchy moniker of 40.2 – at a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. The 40.2 will have a pretty decent range of around 217 miles between charges if Volvo is to be believed. Volvo first revealed that they were …

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