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What does time mean to an easy rider?

Peter Fonda famously throws away his watch in the cult 1969 movie Easy Rider, starting a fad with riders and other travellers to discard their watches and disregard the constraints of time.

A watch is a symbol of “the man”, society and capitalism that constrain us.

Motorcycles are freedom machines that allow us to escape the rigours of timekeeping.

In a hilarious parody of the famous Easy Rider scene, John Travolta and his buddies throw away their mobile phones before a cross-country ride in the 2007 movie Wild Hogs.

“You don’t need a GPS to discover America; you need a bike and you need the road, ok? Freedom,” says Travolta.


There are no deadlines on the open road. Even sunset is no limit.

So there really is no need for a watch. Besides, you can’t see it under your jacket sleeve and gloves when riding.

Besides, most bikes these days have clocks, although I have my bike’s screen set to the trip meter, rather than the clock.

Time collaborations

Yet motorcycle companies have had a long association with watch companies over time.

The latest is the Ducati-Locman collection with prices ranging from €299 to €598.Ducati watch What does time mean to a rider? watch

Other motorcycle manufacturers have had similar exclusive watches in recent years so devoted fans can wear their “heart” on their sleeve – or wrist!

They include: a Ducati Scrambler watch in 2015 with Swiss watchmaker Tudor; Indian Motorcycle with Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier; a BMW GS watchBMW boxer watch designed by Marc Jenni; and a host of Harley-Davidson watches with New York company Bulova.

Ducati Scrambler Tudor Fastrider watch
harley watches
Watch for the GS rider with everything
Azimuth SP-1 Crazy Rider gizmos
BMW boxer inspires Timeburner watch
Harley-Davidson Bulova watch
Swiss Indian Motorcycle watches by Baume and Mercier
Swiss Indian Motorcycle watches by Baume and Mercier
Indian watches

Do you wear a watch when riding or leave it at home? Leave your comments below.

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