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What Is A Subwoofer? Dimension, Product, And Encompass (Foam? Rubber? Polypropylene?) – What To Glance For


Human listening to is able of listening to twenty-20000 Hz sound frequencies on a typical foundation. This consists of reduced frequency sounds these as drums and bass instruments, medium frequency sounds these as speech and guitar-type instruments, and higher frequency sounds these as birds chirping and cymbals.

Normal manufacturing facility audio programs consist of course the AM/FM/CD participant with 4 speakers. Regrettably, these speakers normally do not pick up the reduce 10-five hundred Hz sound frequencies very very well. As a consequence, you will not expertise a accurate copy of drum or bass sounds, but relatively a hollow or tin-can sounding copy. This is simply because your manufacturing facility speakers will attempt to reproduce a reduced frequency sound when it is physically extremely hard to do so on its individual.

A subwoofer is a specialized reduced-frequency generating speaker. Let your midrange speakers do their occupation of generating all those medium selection frequencies, but you should not depend on them to deliver the punching bass that subwoofers ought to do.

Just like any other sort of audio components, the much more attributes you have in a device, the pricier it is. Be confident to assess and contrast the attributes of each subwoofer before you swiftly buy them. I will talk about briefly the sizing and material of subwoofers, two attributes that will commence you off on your look for.


The normal sizes for subwoofers are 8″, 10″, twelve”, and fifteen”. There are also much more unusual six.five” and eighteen” subwoofers available at some outlets. The million-greenback issue you happen to be dying to have answered is: “What sizing subwoofer ought to I get?”

The respond to is as uncomplicated as determining what sort of songs do you listen to the most. Believe about all of your preferred tunes-do they have a lot of bass in them? If they do have a lot of bass, do the bass frequencies occur frequently in the tunes? Identifying the respond to to these concerns will help pick the ideal sizing simply because greater sizing subwoofers will reproduce reduce frequency sounds. More substantial does not automatically signify far better simply because it seriously depends on the type of songs it plays.


You cannot decide a reserve by its cover, and in the exact same way, you definitely cannot decide a subwoofer by the cone material. If you are wanting for longevity and longevity of your subwoofer, then you ought to look for denser material but you cannot seriously decide the way your subwoofer sounds with just the cone composition.

Although they do impact the way your subwoofer sound, so a great deal should be taken into thought these as the resource device, the power source, and the total style and design of the subwoofer. I will convey to you of some of the differences that the a variety of styles of material. The a few most typical products are polypropylene, paper, and woven fiber cone woofers.


The most typical now for subwoofer cone woofer material is polypropylene plastic. This type of material permits for a a great deal smoother and typically reliable frequency reaction. Polypropylene does not react a great deal to the bordering environment and would consequently preserve its individual qualities persistently. They are usually the median priced subwoofers and businesses like Pioneer, Orion, and JL Audio make fantastic polypropylene cone subwoofers.


There are also paper cone subwoofers. These are not as major obligation as they assert to be, but within just a very well made subwoofer, paper cones could produce some of the ideal bass responses the sector has to give. Paper cones had been the first cone material designers made use of, and for awhile several have assumed that much more superior technologies would exchange the getting older style and design. Paper cones are likely to need to have a reliable ambient environment in order to have reliable performance. Paper has organic qualities that are afflicted by improvements in humidity. Even so, makes like MA Audio, Memphis, and Rockford Fosgate have designed, in current yrs, lines of subwoofers with paper cone construction-generating some of the ideal reduced-frequency sounds available.

Woven Fiber

This type is the most rigid and stiff material available now. They could be deemed the most higher-tech cone style and design now. They are rough and simply because of that attribute, woven fiber cones react fantastic to reduced-frequency bass. Woven fiber cones composition could also include carbon, Kevlar, and fiber-glass, all of them unchanged in the harshest environment. They are likely to be very reliable but extremely expensive on ordinary in comparison to the other two talked about above. Manufacturers that created these like JVC (Arsenal Subwoofer Collection), Hifonics, and Beyma showcase the higher-tech cones in their style and design.



If you happen to be going to use your car or truck subwoofer a lot, specially with higher power outputs, you want to make confident that your encompass material is rough, but ready to extend. Although foam is normally much more inexpensive, they are likely to crack and crumble under severe temperature improvements like that you would expertise in the summer months or winter season in the inside of the car or truck. If you dwell in much more constant weather conditions areas, maybe foam is not these a terrible strategy.


Elastic organic qualities allow for rubber encompass to extend much more so than foam. In addition, rubber is a great deal much more resistant to the environment, allowing for it to have its individual one of a kind-but-stretchy attribute that is unmatched in comparison to foam. There is also synthetic rubber encompass material with Butyl rubber becoming the 2nd ideal in toughness and stretching qualities, and Santoprene becoming the ideal rubber encompass available at this point.


These a few main attributes ought to commence you off on your look for for the ideal subwoofer. Remember that each subwoofer will characteristic various issues and you ought to seriously check out on other attributes simply because the talked about a few aspects above would not be suitable in deciding on which subwoofer to get. Eventually, you also have to choose the time to check out your power resource, your audio resource, and even your wiring in order to have the ideal sounding subwoofer.

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