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Yamaha slashes $2000 from V-Star 650 cruiser

Yamaha Motor Australia has slashed $2000 from the price of its learner-approved V-Star 650 cruiser to compete with other learner cruisers in the market.

The XVS650A Classic was $11,299 and is now $9299 while the XVS650 Custom was $10,799 and is now $8799. (All prices in this article are retail and do not include on-road costs.)

By comparison, the Kawasaki Vulcan S costs $10,099, Suzuki Boulevard S40 is $7990 and the Hyosung GV650D Aquila Classic and Sport are $7950.

Honda Motorcycles Australia no longer offers its VT750 or VT400 cruisers. In fact, the only cruiser they offer here is the 1800cc Valkyrie. It’s just another in a long line of stupid decisions by the Australian subsidiary of the world’s biggest motorcycle company.

By comparison, Yamaha offers a massive range of nine cruisers from the XV250 to the XV1900.

Popular V-Star

The Japanese-made V-Star 650 is a popular motorcycle with its quiet and no-maintenance shaft drive, comfortable ride and classic looks.

It follows on from the popular Virago models from 1981 to 2007. They were Yamaha’s first V-twin cruisers.

Like all Yamaha cruisers these V-Star 650 cruisers comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty. It’s a shame more motorcycles are not available with such long warranties which are common in the car market.

The Yamaha press releases says the V-Star 650s are “built to last and much like another classic of the automotive world, are available in any colour. As long as it’s black”.

The XVS650A has a bigger front fender, more chrome, fatter pillion seat and wider beach bars than the blacked-out XVS650.

Yamaha 650 V-star
XVS650 and XVS650A

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